Become A Miner

In the beidoucoin system, the tasks of miners are  transaction verification and data storage. They don’t have the ability to “create” new coins. Incentives for miners come from the wages paid by the currency board. In 2017-2018, the average wage paid to a miner is  2000 beidoucoin per month.

The mining algorithm of beidoucoin is “Power of Work Time”(POWT for short), replacing that of  bitcoin “Power of Work”(POW for short). When a miner connects to the beidoucoin network, he/she will receive salary according to the working time. The algorithm of POWT will ensure the relative average work assignment of each miner as much as possible. The POWT using the most basic CPU mining model, can save a lot of power resources.

Basic requirements of beidoucoin mining machine:

1)CPU dual-core, RAM 2G, Storage 100G;

2)Ubuntu 14.04 x64;

3)A static IPV4.