Features Overview

The technical of beidoucoin have four main features:

1)Augmented security

Improving transaction security through asset management and transaction constraints.

2)Embedding geographic information

The geographic information is embedded in the structure of blockchain transaction.

3)Strengthen government regulation

Providing KYC and AML to meet the requirements of government regulation.

4)Energy saving

More environmental friendly mining mode, to avoid a lot of power consumption.


The codes of Beidouchain forks from Bitcoin Core, which retain the advantages of bitcoin, but have more more technical updates.

bitcoin beidoucoin
Encryption   SHA256,ECDSA  Compatible with bitcoin, some optimization to prevent a developer error
P2P Network  Same communication protocol  Same communication protocol
Asset   Only one native currency, that is bitcoin  Support mang assets natively at the blockchain level
Permission  Hardly any  Permissions and transaction constraints are assigned on a per-address basis
Mining  POW based on ASIC mining  POWT based on CPU mining, energy saving
Anonymity  Anonymity or pseudonym  “Front end anonymity, Backend real name”

Be line with KYC and AML regulation