Mission of Beidoucoin

Bitcoin as a representative of the cryptocurrency has been widely spread and applied worldwide, and almost all the governments have paid more and more attention to bitcoin . Some countries prohibit bitcoin trading, because of the illegal transactions brought by bitcoin privacy, and the impact of bitcoin on the national financial system without regulation. But many other countries’ attitude to bitcoin is very positive, they not only encourage trade and use of bitcoin, but also study of relationship between bitcoin and fiat money. And even some countries have already begun to prepare to issue fiat cryptocurrency.

Beidoucoin was born for this task. The coin retains some of the advantages of bitcoin, such as encryption security, distributed storage, low comprehensive cost, and enhances security performance, such as transaction restriction, geographic information implantation etc.

In the future, because beidoucoin is safer and lower transaction costs than bitcoin, it will replace bitcoin in many applications.

At the same time, beidoucoin will become the first choice of enterprise blockchain platform, and integrate with the mainstream information system.

More importantly, beidoucoin is more in line with the national financial regulatory policy. It will put forward strategies and technical solutions to the development of cryptocurrency. Beidoucoin will become the underlying technology platform of fiat cryptocurrency in many countries.

Beidoucoin believes that the era of fiat cryptocurrency is coming!